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Selamat Hari Raya

Its hari raya time and all the muslims are celebrating their new year. Ah Girl got an invite to her classmate’s place in Bukit Panjang and she was quite excited. Her friend was very well-behaved and polite. We went there at around 3.30pm and saw some scrawny monkeys from the park next to the block. They really took the litter bin apart and messed the whole place. But I digress…we had  light lunch, made small talk then it was time to go as their relatives started arriving in droves. I must admit that the malay lunch was really good!

I spent the rest of hari raya anticipating the Manchester derby…what a match! 4-3 to united and we were lucky to score deep in the 6th minute of injury time when only 4 was supposed to be played. In any case, I’m happy we won and happy for Ryan Giggs for the great assist and Michael Owen for scoring. We were given a chance to win and we did. In any case, Man U played the better game!

Very soon it will be back to normal.


ah girl visiting her classmate for hari raya…


still working on reading this book about lou macari.


owen scored the winner against man shitty and is the man of the moment.


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Football season is starting again!

The football season, especially the Barclays Premier League is starting another campaign and its time for the madness to return…busy nights on weekends and early dawn drama on weekdays. But there were already plenty of football matches on the cards this week. I caught the Audi Cup friendly between Manchester United with Boca Juniors and Bayern Munich two weeks ago and as most friendlies go, they were pretty tame affairs. Man U beat Boca 2-1 with Anderson and Valencia scoring and drew 0-0 with Bayern. They eventually lost on pens. Players were playing to regain match fitness and avoid injury. That’s understandable. Here’s the few I managed to catch this week…

Sunday and the Community Shield between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Good entertainment this…Man U dominated the first half and Chelsea did look like they lack match practice at first. Nani scored early. In the second half, Chelsea started playing and United were back-peddling. Eventually, the blues led 2-1. Wayne Rooney then scored a last minute equaliser after a fantastic thru pass by Giggs. Chelski then won on pens. Some thoughts about this match…

1) Ben Foster’s kicking is atrocious. He better improve on this if he is to play a part this season in United’s backline.

2) Nani looked impressive in the first half then faded. Think we need him to step up for the entire game if he is to be an impact player this season.

3) United’s defence looked shaky and panicky when attacked by Chelski in the second half. Fergie would need to look into this.

4) First game of the season and the ref is already under the spotlight with the Evra and Ballack nonsense. Is this the sign of things to come this season?

Wednesday and Singapore played China in a friendly at the National Stadium.

Singapore were missing a whole bunch of players thru injuries and China played a young team as they are rebuilding. Singapore drew first blood when Noh Alam Shah scored from a corner early on. China equalised in the first half. The match ended 1-1 with China winning the National Day Challenge match on pens. China played like Arsenal with short, quick passes all over the field. They dominated the match with their crisp passing except for brief periods early in the first half and second half. Either side could have won the match as they had glorious chances close to goal but shot over. This is where both teams need to be more clinical if they want to be a force to be reckoned with. Frankly, China were the better team and created more but they relied too heavily on the right wing and once that side of the field broke down, we were able to counter attack. I was impressed with Singapore’s Itimi Dickson, once he came on in the second half, Singapore was able to play a good counter attacking game.

Thursday dawn and Norway hosted Scotland in a European world cup qualifyer.

One incident changed the course of this match…the red card of Scots defender Caldwell. Scotland looked impressive before the sending off and collapsed once it happened, with Jon Arne Riise scoring on the ensuing free kick. The Scots could not deal with John Carew’s physical presence and eventually Norge won 4-0. A thrashing!

Thursday dawn and Mexico hosted USA at the Estadio Azteca in a CONCACAF world cup qualifyer.

What a match this was…Mexico needed to win at home as they had already lost 3 games but the USA took the lead thru a good counter attack. Mexico dominated the proceedings, keeping possession of the ball and putting pressure on the american defence. The US could not get out of their half most of the game. Mexico scored thru a first half rocket that cannoned off the bar, then scored a winner late in the second half after a good penetrating run. I’m not familiar with the players’ names except the guy who scored the winner was called Sabah. It was a really good match and I was glad I stayed up to watch it!

Looking forward to watching the BPL tomorrow night.


Good match between Mexico & USA.


The 10-month madness is about to begin…

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Happy 44th Birthday, Singapore

Singapore celebrates its National Day on 9 August. 44 years have gone by since independence. We are as stressed out as ever, we still think making money is more important than happiness, we believe we are an ungracious lot and we struggle to get a life. But this is our home…do we have a choice to make this a better place for ourselves and for our future generations? Let’s take a long hard look at ourselves and we will find that we do have choices…and that is to create a society conducive for work, play and for living together. We can if we try…its the only home we have…


Happy National Day…

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Phineas & Ferb song

My kids discovered this song some weeks ago…its so kool and catchy…

Gitchi Gitchi Goo means that I love you!

Bow chicka bow wow
That’s what my baby says
Mow mow mow
And my heart starts pumpin’
Chicka chicka choo wow
Never gonna stop

Gitchi gitchi goo means that I love you

I said a-bow chicka bow wow
That’s what my baby says
Mow mow mow
And my heart starts pumpin’
Chicka chicka choo wow
Never gonna stop!

Gitchi gitchi goo means that I love you
Gitchi gitchi goo means that I love you
Gitchi gitchi goo means that I love you baby, baby, baby
[Baby baby baby baby]

Gitchi gitchi goo means that I love you!

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Premier League in South East Asia

The premier league showcased their two most famous and well-supported teams in south east asia in these two weeks. Manchester United was in Malaysia and played two games there…winning 3-2 and 2-0. Owen scored 0n both occasions. Yay!!! They were supposed to go to Indonesia but for the hotel bombings. Pity the football mad indonesians. The match had been sold out and I’m sure many indonesians had been looking forward to watching the red devils. Man U said they would come back one day…haha…wait long, long.

Liverpool played Thailand to a 1-1 draw yesterday with Babel and Sutee scoring and the reds have landed in Singapore today, not that I cared too much about it. I’m just happy that premier league giants still consider our country worth their while coming…not least the money they can make on trips like these and the networking they can make to earn more $$$.

But on a personal level, my interest in watching live exhibition matches has waned since the children have grown up. I could have gone up to KL to watch Man U as it was dirt cheap converting to ringgit but the thought of travelling 5 hours on the north-south by coach and being away from the family made me think hard about going. Same with Liverpool…$88 to catch a top side play singapore is not the most expensive ticket…I have paid more for pop concerts, but I would rather spend sunday evening at church with my family and then having a good meal with them. I have missed family meals before but that would only be for a real solid premier league match on the telly or if Man U were playing top opposition. In this instance, pool were just not worth the trouble sacrificing family time…just as well since I will use the dough to get a new Man U jersey with the black V. I saw the pool-thailand match on live streaming yesterday and consider that good enough for me! I can live without witnessing Liverpool at the piss-old National Stadium! 

So when will be my next live match? Not another friendly, that’s for sure. I understand Singapore’s next big match is in November against Thailand in the asian cup qualification…hey, that may be one worth going for the genuine competitiveness.


saw ryan babel score against thailand on live streaming


pool visits thailand & singapore


man u visits malaysia, korea & china but cancels indonesia trip due to terrorism


All in all, an interesting 2009…

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Primary 1 registration

This week marks the beginning of another phase in the Lee household. Ah Boy registered for primary 1 and he will be headed for the real academic world for the January 2010 cohort. No more kidding around in the kindergarten. No more teachers pandering to your every need. Time to grow up…

While registering for primary 1 may have been a happy moment for ah boy and all the Lee clan on Thursday, it will also mark the beginning of the end of ah boy’s free-willy childhood days. Good luck ah boy, study hard and you’ll make it. Like jie jie 2 years ago, life will never be the same again and one fine day…study will be something of the past…

“Like A Comet Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky. Gone Too Soon. Like A Rainbow Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye. Gone Too Soon. Shiny And Sparkly And Splendidly Bright. Here One Day. Gone One Night. Like The Loss Of Sunlight On A Cloudy Afternoon. Gone Too Soon.”


Ah boy at his new school.


At the statue of John Wesley.


A very happy ah boy.


– Michael Jackson, Gone Too Soon –

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Strange comings

End of this week has been strange…I got out of bed on Friday to news from my wife that Michael Jackson had passed away. Immediately I searched the internet for news about what happened. Then, you wanted to hear your favourite MJ songs again and again. Its so strange, he was only 50 years old and preparing for a series of major concerts. He was fit and at the prime of his life. 

I practically grew up with MJ with songs like ABC, Rockin Robin and I’ll be there in the early years. I saw him in concert at the National Stadium in 1996 or 1997 and he really mesmerised us…well, now he’s gone, we are left with just memories and the songs. MJ will be one of those enigmas who will be bigger when gone rather than living…

Then, there is the death of Farrah Fawcett…we first knew her in our teens as a Charlie’s Angel and she has also left us with many memories. She was the pin-up girl of the 70s. We will miss her.

Football suddenly seem so insignificant compared to the deaths of the superstars. But Ronaldo and Tevez had left Man U and we haven’t signed anybody yet. Maybe Fergie is counting on some of his fledglings to carry the club next season. We’ll see, but we definitely need one more world-renowned striker to carry us thru. Either Benzema or Villa will fill the hole. We got the funds from the Ronaldo sale so money should be the least problem. Gotta act fast…

This has also been a week to spend some time with the children before they return to school. Its almost time to return to the real world…


Wif the kids at Labrador Park…


At Botanic Gardens…


Biking at our void deck…


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Happy Birthday, ah boy

Ah boy celebrated his 6th birthday in his kindergarten last friday…the last day of the school term. Happy Birthday boy, wish you and jie jie a good holiday.




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Man U loses champs league finals

It wasn’t a difficult defeat to take. Nothing anxious about it. Man U never played the game they wer capable of and it became increasingly obvious tat they wer having lotsa difficulties penetrating barca’s tight defence as the game wore on. It was a tactical win for barca how their defence marshal the United attackers when many thot tat was their weakest area.

Lets briefly analyse the game. United went for the kill once the game started but if you play an open game wif barca, you hav to expect a response from them as they kill to play in games like these. On hindsight, perhaps United mite hav played it safe and conservativ and made barca worked for their goal. Once Eto scored after 10 mins, barca’s midfield made things tuff for United and the game went downhill from there. On hindsight, Eto’s goal was too easy.

Tactically, barca wer superior. United cun seem to make their mind up wat they wanted to do as the game wore on. There wer so many stray passes. The subs tat came on did no beta as the 2nd half started, United tried to make inroads but the game went pretty much went the way barca wanted. After Messi scored, another easy goal, United came alive again…but it was too little, too late.

Simply put, United din show up and they din play well. Barca deserve the win…it was an opportunity missed. As I said, it wasn’t a difficult defeat to take as it wasn’t even close. 2-0 was juz about right. Congrats barca…try again nex season Man U.



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Man U are champs again

Life is still on standstill for me but celebrating futbal goes on…

Man U are the 3-peat league champs of england again. They are the only club in the history of the league to have done the 3-peat twice. We hav also equalled Pool’s record of 18 league titles. The immediate goals for Man U are clear – to win the european cup in rome nex week and set a league winning record of 19 league titles nex season. Go Man U!


Champions of england.


The master and the coveted trophy he has won 11 times.


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